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by | May 13, 2020

Why does the SAREPTA Medical Center of Tangafla exist?

In this rural area, good harvests are difficult due to the frequent devastation caused by domestic animals such as cows, sheep etc. and the lack of water during the dry season. These lead to less revenue and add to an already precarious financial situation of most households.

Many of the inhabitants go to the Baptist clinic in Torogokaha (42 km) by whatever transportation is available and often poorly adapted to medical transport (bus, motorcycle) to receive the necessary health care. Many deliveries are done at home and without supervision of qualified medical personnel due to the distance and difficulty of obtaining care.

  • The SAREPTA Medical Center, by its proximity, will provide rapid medical care for emergencies, supervised deliveries by qualified persons, assured continuing care of chronic diseases and preventive and promotional health teaching for the surrounding populations.
  • The Center will help the population save time and money such as travel expenses in order to obtain adequate care.
  • • And finally the Center will improve the health situation for the population, decrease the mortality and improve the economic situation.